Online Advertising

Reach your target market

Online advertising encompasses many different ways of getting your message out to your target audience. Search engines such as Google are still of major importance, but more so than ever social media is used. We can combine a variety of approaches within a set budget to get your advertising campaign off the ground. Target specific groups of people in specific locations via Facebook, Google and other sites with a professionally designed advert from us, and enjoy the growth in sales and clientele this brings.

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the most rapidly growing services. With over 1 billion users and the ability to sift through their demographics, you can reach a huge number of people in your target market. Whether you're a nursery looking to advertise to expectant parents, or a dress maker wishing to advertise to engaged women, this solution can work for you.

We're experts in designing high quality marketing products, online and offline. If you already have a Facebook page then we can create an advert for it and set-up an online campaign based on your preferences. If you don't have a Facebook page then we can make you one! Contact us now to find out more about what we can do for you.

Using Facebook marketing, we can:

Build your Facebook page
Create your Facebook advert
Designate your campaign target audience
Set your campaign pricing and schedule
Integrate your Facebook page with your website
Provide expert advice on how to promote your advert

Google advertising

Google has always been the leader in internet search engines. We use only the best, and that's why our ad words service taps into the power of Google. Do you have a website that isn't getting many hits? Do you want to sell more products or services? We can create a Google advert to your specification and then launch it for you.

What is AdWords?
AdWords is Google's online advertising programme. We can position your advert where you want it to appear on the Google search page, set a budget for it as specified by you, and provide you with data on the impact of your ad.

Using AdWords, we can:

Help you to reach your target audience precisely when they are searching for what you offer.
Set specific search terms for the products and services that you offer. This means that your advert will be displayed to people who are already searching for your services or products.
Focus your advert by geographical area (postcode area or even town names) making your products and services visible to the people most likely to buy them.
Set your advert budget to your unique specification (see below).

How much does it cost?

Cost-per-click-bidding: You decide how much you want to pay each time a potential customer clicks on your advert. The more this is, the higher your advert will appear on Google.

Monthly budget: You can set how much you want to spend each month, and you'll never be charged more than that amount.

No minimum spend commitment: You can spend as much or as little as you like!

What happens next?

We understand that taking the first step in deciding who to choose for your company’s design needs is a big one. If you have any questions we’d be more than happy to answer them. You can either call us free of charge or write to us via email.

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